Go KAIST and KIST Week #1

Monday 4/01/2016

Yesterday I've found an RPUL made by Indonesian KIST alumni. There are many things I learned from it especially about time management. I need to contact KIST professor soon because 1 alumnus said that I have to contact them at least 3 to 4 months before admission deadline, which is April I believe (update: it's March). But before that, I have to make sure that I'm ready in terms of research topic etc.

Today I read few journals related to 3D contents and I get to know some professors in 3D and virtual lab. I'm still not a 100% sure about my topic, but at the moment I'm more interested in virtual world. I hope the best will work out.

I got ayat nice things, nikmat? Or things like that. I hope Allah always help me.

Tuesday 5/01/2016

While I help my mom's thesis, I decided to start to write the letter for professor. I'm so nervous >.< I hope the best will work out. Ah, and last night I've found out that KAIST is at first an integration of KIST and KAIS. Then, less than 10 years later KIST separates from KAIST and re-established as KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology). 아, 그러구나..

Choose your thought wisely is today's faith message. It's not the situation that creates anxiety, but it's your reaction.

I read more journals and read RPUL again about what I need to send to professor at first. Learn to write an e-mail to a professor. Bismillah. Alhamdulillah I can download professor's journals from Google Scholar and IMRC website. At first I thought I need to ask for people who study overseas.

Today I got ayat about Apakah kamu tidak mengetahui Allah menundukkan segala sesuatu di langit dan di bumi untuk manusia.

Wednesday 6/01/2016

Message today: focus on high priority task first. Tackling high priority project first. Ask yourself, if later in the day I'll go to another town for a month, what is the first thing I wish to be done.

To do today: #1 Read all journals by Professor Kwon Yong Moo. #2 Ask Azkia done. Tomorrow will meet Pak Bani. #3 Making research proposal and study plan draft, asking Pak Bani tomorrow.

Today I got ayat about Dan barangsiapa diberi petunjuk oleh Allah, dialah yang mendapat petunjuk.

Thursday 7/01/2016

Meet Pak Bani with Azkia. Read all journals by Professor Kim Jinwook.

Friday 8/01/2016

Start Horror 3D Game project. Collect and start to read journals by Professor Jee In Hwang and Heedong Ko.

Saturday 9/01/2016

Astaghfirullah, not doing much. Read a couple of journals and decided to focus about interactive 3d game with kinect or things similar which need user testing (after long talk with my sister).

Sunday 10/01/2016

Today's to do list: #1 read journals Prof Heedong and Jae In. #2 Fix 1 research topic. #3 Make a CV. #4 Horror game part 2 and 3.

I've found the trick to understand papers quickly. Read and make a resume of the conclusion first. Alhamdulillah it makes understanding them a lot easier. Start to write my Curriculum Vitae. Yesterday topic is 90% fix, the one about games. AR isn't fix yet. Start to write series of Journals I Read Today in edublog :-)


10 Things I'll Do Before 8 AM

1. Map Out The Next Day - before I go to bed.
2. Wake Up Early - even when I don't have to go to mosque and pray.
3. Pray Subuh - to thank God for the wonderful day ahead.
4. Visualization - everything I want is already on my posession.
5. Review Dreams and Goals - to make sure I still want the same thing.
6. Eat Healthy Breakfast - study need energy.
7. Exercise - live a healthy life please.
8. Listen to a Faith Building Message - just to recharge.
9. Read - widen the horizon.
10. Make The Day Top Heavy - done the most challenging thing first.

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