My 2016 Resolution

#1 Memorizing the Holy Quran

Even before I graduate, when my college professor asked me about my plan after graduating, I always said I want to memorize the Holy Quran. I do now, but not too intense. I'll try my best next year. That's my first new year resolution :-)

#2 Start Living and Study in Korea

I'll start applying scholarship to KAIST (KGSP Scholarship) and UST (IRDA Scholarship). KAIST is the MIT of Korea, where The Genius player from season 3 and 4, Oh Hyunmin, study. On the other hand, in UST I can experience both learning and working as a researcher. Those two are by far my best study plan and hopefully the best will work out. Aamiiin ya Allah.

#2 Start Learning 3D Things Again

For UST/ KIST admission, I'll choose HCI & Robotics Major under the field of 3D things (so much to choose from). That's why I need to start to learn again and learn more about 3D contents, virtual world, mixed reality/ 3D user interaction, etc. Bismillah.

#4 Start to Make Money Online Again

My adsense account is currently inactive. Once my web's visitor reaching 200 per day, I'll start to put some ads there. My goal is to reach 4 digits of dollars.

So that's all my resolutions for the next 365 days. I'll work hard so I have no regret. Happy New Year ^^
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