My Back to School Makeup Essentials

So, tomorrow is D day for another study day. My fifth semester of University will start in a couple hours. How exciting! As a beauty addict, when I start to think about back to school, I will also think about my makeup/ beauty essentials. To me, makeup essentials were both which I wear and I keep in my makeup bag for a little touch up during the day.

  • BB Cream
This semester I will go for as-natural-as-possible makeup look. I think makeup for school must be natural, fresh, but still look radiant to keep me look healthy. I used to use foundation to school, but start from tomorrow, I will use BB cream instead. Since it's so light and has a watery-like consistency, BB cream will give a flawless natural finish. Mine is from Maybelline.

  • Baby Lips Lipbalm
My other makeup or beauty or cosmetic essentials (how mouthful is that?) which also from Maybelline is the baby lips lip balm. I have massively dry lips especially during the colder months so I will need a lipbalm in my makeup bag. I heard so many good thing about Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm, and I happen to know that Macbarbie07 aka Bethany Mota love it, so I'm excited to put it on my makeup essentials. I have 3 of them and none of them have been opened yet. But excited to try that tomorrow!

  • Eyelash Curler
Now maybe you think it's weird to put Eyelash Curler in my makeup essentials, but as an Asian girl, I don't have eyelashes as big as you guys who may not Asian. That's why without this baby my eyes will not look awake enough.

  • Eyeliner Pencil & Mascara
Because liquid or pen liner will be a little tricky to use for touch up, I rather bring pencil liner with me to school. And for mascara, just bring any mascara that you enjoy to use. My favorite at the moment is Oriflame Fatlash Blackout Mascara. I find that mascara with plastic brush is easier to use than the bristle one. Besides, it also gives a natural finish (which I like) and doesn't make my eyelashes look clumpy.

  • Lipstick or Liptint
Well, if you're lucky enough and you can get your hands on Maybelline Baby Lips US version, you probably don't need lipstick or liptint anymore. But sadly, for what I called Maybelline Baby Lips Asian version, is only available in clear shade means it's purely a lipbalm. So, I will also bring some lipstick in my makeup bag. At the moment I love coral colour for lips, so I will bring my Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in shade Coral.

  • Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-On
I like to keep Eye Roll-On from Garnier in my makeup bag because we'll never know when we suddenly feel tired and sleepy during class. This thing will keep you awake and for me it's the best little "pick me up" when I feel so sleepy.

  • Tender Care
Well, I'm not sure if it will count as back to school makeup essentials because I will use it at night before. It is the Oriflame Tender Care Cherry. I apply this before bed as an overnight treatment and when I wake up, my lips will feel oh-so-soft and ready for the day.

  • Body Spray/ Perfume
I almost forgot about this one but now I remember that I think it's important to keep your body smell nice all day. If you prefer something that has a soft smell, try to use body spray, but if you like something a little bit stronger, use perfume.

  • Hand Cream
If you're like me and you had a granny-like hand, then you need a hand cream in your makeup bag. Just to make sure that your hand feels soft, especially when you're about to shake your hand with some new friends :-)

So, what's your back to school makeup essentials, girls?
Any other ideas for me? :-)

~ ♥ ~

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