Respond to Kpop Dating Rumor #1 Lee Jong Suk ♥ Miss A Suzy

dating rumor lee jong suk and miss a suzy
Pict Source: allkpop

Eventhough both agencies deny the rumor, I personally think that Lee Jong Suk and Suzy will be a really cute couple. I'm a big fan of both actor and kpop idol. Jong Suk simply is a adorable and nobody can deny the charm of the Nation First Love Suzy. They're couple made from heaven, only if the rumor is true.

Jong Suk agency even state that Jong Suk doesn't know Suzy personally. I guess that reason alone is more than make sense to deny the rumor. But, if Jong Suk and Suzy going to date someone, I hope they choose the right partner and date happily :-) Don't you think so?

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Monday Favourites Vol #1 Korean Style Makeup

As Monday is the busiest day in a week, I probably wouldn't update as much as in the weekend. So I think a quick way to make an update is giving you a link to another source which I love. I know that Temptalia.com has Sunday Link Love series every Sunday, so I just gonna let you know that I inspired by them to do this.

Today's video is created by lovely So Young from So Young's Beauty Room YouTube channel. Some of you guys may already know how much I love her. I love her videos, her makeup, and her fashion sense.  I even mention her here as my Korean Beauty Guru Obsession.

korean makeup

Very recently, she does a korean style makeup to her American friend, Lauren. The idea is to create a youthful look. This video featured a tutorial on creating straight brows, puppy eyes, aegyo sal, dolly blush, and gradient lips, which are the latest korean makeup trends. So here's the video. I hope it's inspire you in some way. Have a good day ^_^

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