Graduation: Surprise Attempt Failed

Goodbye is a strange word. Same with graduation. You know it means something comes to an end, but it also means that another door being open for you to get through.

graduation surprise

Dulur Sak Modare means 'Friend till We Died'. It's a name that given to 12th generation of Steering Committee of UKM Pendidikan dan Penalaran. Today, 17 of 23 members of Dulur Sak Modare are graduating. It's a beautiful day for graduation party. But gather at around 12 AM, the weather is a bit hot.

graduation cupcakes


Oriflame Daily Hand Cream Review {Bilingual}

You may notice that I always take a while to get back to blogging live. I do love blogging, I just tend to take a breather every now and then to take a photos and writing articles that I satisfied with. I'm not the kind of person who like to do a lot of things without much think of it. I always think how to make a good blog post. But unfortunately, it takes longer time than it actually needed to. Haha. But I will do more blogpost this month, I promise :-)

Teman-teman mungkin merasa bahwa aku selalu butuh waktu lama untuk kembali aktif di blog. Aku selalu menunggu hingga foto produk dan artikel yang aku posting benar-benar oke. Aku adalah tipe orang yang lebih suka berlama-lama mengerjakan sesuatu tetapi hasilnya memuaskan (bagiku) ketimbang bergerak cepat, hasil banyak, tapi asal-asalan. Sayangnya, aku kadang terbuai dan bekerja terlalu lamban. Haha. Tapi aku janji aku akan menulis lebih banyak bulan ini :-)


Respond to Kpop Dating Rumor #1 Lee Jong Suk ♥ Miss A Suzy

dating rumor lee jong suk and miss a suzy
Pict Source: allkpop

Eventhough both agencies deny the rumor, I personally think that Lee Jong Suk and Suzy will be a really cute couple. I'm a big fan of both actor and kpop idol. Jong Suk simply is a adorable and nobody can deny the charm of the Nation First Love Suzy. They're couple made from heaven, only if the rumor is true.

Jong Suk agency even state that Jong Suk doesn't know Suzy personally. I guess that reason alone is more than make sense to deny the rumor. But, if Jong Suk and Suzy going to date someone, I hope they choose the right partner and date happily :-) Don't you think so?

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Monday Favourites Vol #1 Korean Style Makeup

As Monday is the busiest day in a week, I probably wouldn't update as much as in the weekend. So I think a quick way to make an update is giving you a link to another source which I love. I know that Temptalia.com has Sunday Link Love series every Sunday, so I just gonna let you know that I inspired by them to do this.

Today's video is created by lovely So Young from So Young's Beauty Room YouTube channel. Some of you guys may already know how much I love her. I love her videos, her makeup, and her fashion sense.  I even mention her here as my Korean Beauty Guru Obsession.

korean makeup

Very recently, she does a korean style makeup to her American friend, Lauren. The idea is to create a youthful look. This video featured a tutorial on creating straight brows, puppy eyes, aegyo sal, dolly blush, and gradient lips, which are the latest korean makeup trends. So here's the video. I hope it's inspire you in some way. Have a good day ^_^

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Review Mustika Ratu "Simply Stay"

mustika ratu simply stay

Seminggu yang lalu, Mustika Ratu mengirimkan paket untukku berupa rangkaian makeup terbaru mereka yang bernama Simply Stay. Konsep produk simply stay ini adalah basic makeup yang praktis, tahan lama, dan berkelas tetapi tersedia dalam harga terjangkau. Konsep yang menarik, terutama untuk kalangan mahasiswi sepertiku, untuk wanita karier dengan kesibukan tinggi yang butuh makeup praktis, juga untuk ibu rumah tangga yang ingin dandanan serba simpel.

Sebelumnya, aku hanya menggunakan produk Skin Care dan Body Care Mustika Ratu, belum tertarik mencoba lini makeup mereka. Tetapi, melihat statemen resmi Mustika Ratu bahwa rangkaian Simply Stay bisa tahan hingga 8 jam, aku langsung tertarik ingin mencoba. Akankan produk-produk ini bertahan di wajahku yang kombinasi cenderung berminyak? Simak terus ya..

review mustika ratu simply stay simply stay

Rangkaian produk Simply Stay terdiri dari (1) moisturizer atau pelembab, (2) liquid foundation, (3) stick foundation, (4) two way cake, dan (5) loose powder. Produk yang aku terima adalah palet Simply Stay yang berisi ke-5 produk di atas kecuali loose powder.

review mustika ratu

Palet ini sangat berguna karena meskipun hanya berukuran sample yaitu tidak lebih dari 5 ml per produk, tetapi sudah mencakup 4 variasi warna yang tersedia, yaitu: Caramel Latte, Smoothie Yellow, Pearly White, dan Sweet Choco. Karena itu, kita bisa mencocokkan warna yang tersedia dengan warna kulit kita. Ketika akan membeli produk ukuran full, sudah tidak bingung memilih deh :-) Untuk pelembabnya sendiri, sudah disediakan 2 pilihan untuk jenis kulit kering maupun berminyak, tinggal pilih sesuai jenis kulit.

Meskipun hanya sampel, Mustika Ratu tidak main-main dengan produknya. Palet Simply Stay ini mereka desain dengan cantik dan menarik. Selain gambar rangkaian produk Simply Stay ukuran full, di cover palet Simply Stay ditampilkan sosok wanita cantik Brand Ambassador Mustika Ratu yang tak lain adalah Elvira Devinamira, Puteri Indonesia 2014.

Dengan kecantikan dan karismanya, tidak salah kalau Mustika Ratu memilih Elvira sebagai Brand Ambassador. Di lain pihak, Elvira tentu juga yakin untuk mewakili Mustika Ratu sebagai merk kosmetik terkemuka di Indonesia yang selalu mengikuti tren makeup masa kini.


Why do I Blog? + Introducing to My New Layout

My First Blog

I remember the first blog that I made is about Harry Potter. It was around 2009, and back then I hate it to death. That blog is a school task and I don't really care about technology at that time, when I was in senior High School, so I hated it. As a school task, of course the prettier the blog, the better score that I got. But, I clearly remember that my blog, which I don't remember (and I won't remember) the url, is only full of naration. No pictures, nothing. Well, actually I kinda remember it (the url) but I think Google deleted it because there's no update for so long.

Why do I Blog and What do I Get?

Seriously, this is a very personal matter. To be honest with you, I love blogging because of so many reasons. First thing first, I love to write, both in Bahasa and English. I love to write since I was in elementary school, and back then I wrote a little scrap of a novel. I don't really show my work to anybody until I was in High School and I join some competition. I keep winning for the first three competition that I joined to. It feels magical. But then, I lost one competition and graduate from High School. Suddenly, I'm out from that world.

I make another appearance in writing but in different form. I blogging. I love korean drama and music a.k.a kpop at that time, so I created K.O.R.E.A.N.Site-Bilingual in here. Anyway, the title is changed to Kpop Jpop Site now because not only love Korean things, nowadays I also love Japanese things. When I wrote about Korean and Japan, I do that purely because I love to, and I don't really want to achieve anything.

Time goes on, and I began to love makeup and beauty world, so I jump on it. The difference between me and other beauty blogger that I know is that, since the very beginning, I have in mind that I want to achieve something from it. I love doing these thing from the bottom of my heart, but I also hope to get some achievement while doing it. It's always good to get two bird in one shot, right?

Before I created this blog, I have a beauty blog entitled My Makeup DiariRes in here. I actually got one achievement on blogging things once on that blog but I just feel so weary with that blog, if that makes any sense, so I made Chalwoo Beauty Blog instead. Eventhough the topic's just the same.

About this blog, very recently (actually this morning) I got my present from a blogging contest that I joining last month which is Japan Beauty Tour Blogging Contest. And the present that I got is SkinLIFE Foaming Facial Foam. I think this present is really cool because eventhough it's only a facial foam for some of you, but for me it means another beauty product to try out and to review.

Also a few days ago, I just got a set of Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Base Makeup. It's also sent for a review purpose, but there's also a blogging competition behind it. I'll post my review soon, so stay tuned and as always, wish me luck :-)

So, the conclusion is by blogging I have everything that I want. I can fulfill my willingness to write, to share something, to speak up in different ways, to dream about anything I want, and also to achieve something precious.

If blogging is not your thing, then that's fine. You don't have to be a blogger to be happy. Maybe you're happy when you sing, or when you make art, or when you study. That's good, as long as you happy doing it. So stay believing in your passion for beauty, and I'll see you guys in my next post. Bye..

~ ♥ ~


Jika Aku Terpilih untuk Japan Beauty Tour Gratis

Siapa Tidak Mau Liburan GRATIS ke Jepang? Jangan Baca! :)

Kalau ada tour ke Jepang gratis, siapa sih yang gak mau? Coba angkat kaki. Hehe, bercanda. Pasti semua mau kan jalan-jalan ke negeri sakura Jepang, gratis lagi. Saat ini website Kawaii Beauty Japan sedang bekerja sama dengan H.I.S., sebuah agen travel asal Jepang, untuk mengadakan paket Japan Beauty Tour dan akan memberikan tiket tour gratis untuk 2 orang yang dianggap mampu mempromosikan Japan Beauty Tour di Jepang nantinya. Tertarik untuk mencoba? Klik banner berikut untuk keterangan lebih lengkap.


Bagi yang belum tahu, Kawaii Beauty Japan atau yang biasa disebut dengan KBJ adalah website sekaligus komunitas beauty blogger yang fokus utamanya membahas makeup, skin care, hair care, lifestyle, hingga diet dan makanan khusus seputar Jepang. KBJ sering menyelenggarakan event, contohnya kontes Japan Beauty Tour ini, dan tak jarang juga berbagi produk kecantikan Jepang secara gratis. Nah, tunggu apa lagi? Daftarkan dirimu di KBJ sekarang juga dengan klik disini ^_^

Kalau ditanya kenapa ingin sekali ke Jepang, jawabanku bisa tertulis menjadi buku setebal 500 halaman :D Tenang saja, aku tidak akan membuat postingan yang sama panjangnya dengan sebuah novel kali ini, tetapi akan aku bahas alasan utamaku ingin pergi ke Jepang yaitu tren MAKEUP-nya.

Teman-teman yang mengikuti serial FOTD (Face of The Day)-ku pasti tahu kalau go-to makeupku adalah natural. Inspirasi itu datang dari wanita Jepang. Yang aku suka dari kecantikan wanita Jepang adalah kecantikan itu terpancar dari dalam, bukan dari makeup yang tebal, dan itu membuat mereka tidak perlu berusaha keras untuk tampil cantik. Bahasa kerennya, effortless beauty.

Kalau diminta menyebut satu wajah kawaii Jepang, aku pilih Mayu Watanabe, personil AKB48 yang terkenal dengan image  super kawaii nya. Aku mendapat banyak inspirasi  makeup darinya. Salah satunya adalah tren eyeliner tipis segaris untuk membuat mata terlihat jernih dan tampak natural. Ketika aku recreate eyeliner seperti ini, sering ada teman yang bertanya kenapa aku membuat eyelinerku sangat tipis? Jika sudah  begitu, biasanya aku akan dengan detail membeberkan rahasia untuk tampil kawaii, yang aku dapatkan dari KBJ. Itulah kenapa aku suka sekali dengan kategori Makeup di KBJ, karena memberikan banyak tips-trik dan pengetahuan baru tentang makeup yang simpel dan tidak ribet.

Sumber Listal.com

Saking inginnya pergi ke Jepang, waktu aku tahu Kawaii Beauty Japan mengadakan kontes Japan Beauty Tour, aku langsung bersemangat mendaftar dan berharap sekali bisa terpilih. Bahkan, sudah terbayang jika aku ada di Jepang aku akan melakukan observasi secara langsung pada beberapa wanita Jepang. Aku senang sekali jika bisa berkesempatan mengamati secara langsung tren makeup terkini wanita Jepang. Jika memungkinkan, aku ingin meminta tips makeup dan kecantikan secara langsung dari mereka.

Selain itu, aku juga ingin mengamati tren baru otona kawaii yang sedang hits di YouTube. Salah satu beauty YouTubers langgananku, Venus Angelic sekitar 2 minggu yang lalu mengupload video tutorial bagaimana terlihat seperti otona kawaii atau berdarah campuran Jepang. Penasaran? Tonton videonya di bawah ini.

Selain observasi yang terkesan agak serius, kegiatan menyenangkan yang tidak bisa ditinggalkan ketika sedang melancong ke negeri orang pastinya adalah berbelanja. Aku sudah bisa membayangkan aku menggunakan riasan super kawaii, berbusana Harajuku Style, dan berjalan di jalanan Harajuku, siap memborong produk makeup dan fashion. Harajuku adalah area di sekitar stasiun Harajuku hingga Omotesando yang dikenal sebagai pusat budaya dan fashion kaum muda Jepang. Harajuku adalah salah satu tujuan yang paling terkenal bagi turis di Tokyo.


Area Harajuku adalah lokasi pusat perkembangan Harajuku Style. Inti dari harajuku style dari berbagai sumber yang aku baca dan lihat adalah memakai apapun yang terlihat bagus untukmu (wear whatever looks good to you). Sudah lama aku jatuh cinta dengan Gothic Lolita Style, salah satu inspirasi Harajuku Style. Dan karena kulitku cukup fair seperti wanita Jepang, kurasa warna-warna gelap seperti hitam, merah anggur, dan biru tua akan terlihat kontras dan cantik :-) Berikut adalah salah satu desain Harajuku Gothic Lolita yang menginspirasiku.

Sumber wikihow

Yang aku suka dari Harajuku Gothic Lolita adalah makeupnya menyimpang dari budaya Gothic barat. Riasan mata dan bibir tidak dibuat super gelap, tetapi lebih terkesan natural. Sedikit smokey eyes dan lipstik merah masih diperbolehkan, tetapi tetap berusaha tampak natural.

Sumber wikihow

Selama Japan Beauty Tour yang dijadwalkan hari Senin-Kamis tanggal 11-14 Agustus 2014, setidaknya satu kali aku ingin melihat sendiri Harajuku Fashion Walk yang diadakan oleh Tokyo Fashion. Lokasinya masih di sekitar area Harajuku.

Sumber liveatos.com

Jika diperkenankan oleh tim Japan Beauty Tour, aku ingin mengabadikan 4 hari di Jepang, termasuk saat-saat berbelanja di Harajuku, dalam video log atau vlog untuk diupload di channel YouTube-ku. Dan yang terakhir tetapi sangat penting, aku ingin melakukan video shooting untuk promosi Beauty Tour karena aku rasa itulah highlight dari seluruh rangkaian kegiatan tour ini. Semua peserta belum tahu konsep video shooting ini, tetapi dengan begitu rasa penasaran menjadi makin besar sehingga lebih bersemangat untuk menang.

Selain berkunjung ke Harajuku di hari ke-2 dan melakukan video shooting di hari ke-3 seperti yang sudah dijadwalkan, ketika ada waktu senggang aku juga ingin mengunjungi tempat-tempat berikut ini:

Tokyo Tower


Kenapa harus ke Tokyo Tower? Karena kurang lengkap rasanya pergi ke Tokyo tanpa berkunjung ke Tokyo Tower. Itu sama saja seperti pulang dari Paris tanpa ke menara Eiffel atau ke Seoul tanpa mengunjungi Namsan Tower. Hihihi.



Kenapa harus ke Shibuya? Karena aku suka dengan permainan cahaya di malam hari. Shibuya adalah jalanan yang penuh warna dan seolah tidak pernah mati. Aku rasa jalan-jalan kesana bisa melepas kehausanku akan permainan cahaya. Lihat foto di atas? Indah sekali ya.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden


Kenapa harus ke Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden? Karena merupakan taman terbaik dan paling terawat yang pernah ada. Setidaknya sebelum pulang dari Tokyo aku ingin sekali saja melihat bunga sakura secara langsung. Jika sedang tidak berbunga karena masih musim panas, melihat pohonnya pun aku sudah merasa senang sekali.

Nah, semakin ingin berangkat ke Jepang kan setelah melihat begitu banyak kesempatan mengunjungi tempat-tempat menarik dan melakukan kegiatan yang menyenangkan bersama Japan Beauty Tour ini? Makanya ikuti kontes Japan Beauty Tour sekarang juga, dengan cara klik banner di bawah ini.


Link Kawaii Beauty Japan: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Link H.I.S.: Facebook
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Slice of Life & FOTD: Indonesian Presidential Election 2014

Everybody, even Google know that today is the Presidential Election Day 2014 in Indonesia. I wish whoever win the election is the right person and he can make the best of Indonesia for 5 years ahead. Anyway, enough mumbling about the election and let's jump to today's FOTD.

On my Face I'm wearing:

♥♥ Oriflame Acai & Pomegranate Day Cream

♥♥ Oriflame Very Me Smoothie Foundation in Sand + 

♥♥ Oriflame Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Foundation in Porcelain

♥♥ Oriflame Studio Artist Loose Powder Illuma Flair for all over

♥♥ Oriflame Pure Colour Pressed Powder for nose contouring

On my Lips I'm wearing:

♥♥ Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry

♥♥  Oriflame Lip Mania in Pink Kiss

♥♥  Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in Silver Pink in the inner part to make 3D effect

On my Eyes I'm wearing:

♥♥ Oriflame Fatlash Blackout Mascara

♥♥ My Darling Liquid Eyeliner in Black

And last but not least, this is the one that I use to update my Instagram account @chalwoo today.

So, what is your look for today's election? Leave a comment below with your Instagram account so I can check out yours.

~ ♥ ~


www.JeanMilka.com: Beauty Blog Review and Giveaway

Today I started to know about www.JeanMilka.com and I fell in love with it. It's a beauty blog, definitely, like what blog that I can fell in love with other than beauty blog? I like it because the writer is pretty and has a great skin, that's my priority when it comes to love a beauty blog (and a YouTube channel as well). Lucky me, Jean the writer held a giveaway start from this month till the middle of August, which means I still have a big chance to win the giveaway, so you guys!

Jean Milka Giveaway

That's the official poster for the giveaway. There are lot of things that you can win from this giveaway. Eventhough it's the first, Jean give a lot of thoughts on the products she'll gave to the readers.

Price for the 1st Winner

She will give the products above for the 1st winner which she select by herself from a review for her blog. I personally love the blog in an instant and ended up reading all her blog post since the very beginning which is November 2013. I just LOVE her blog. Please check out her blog cause it's amazing and don't forget to enter the giveaway here :-)

~ ♥ ~

Slice of Life & FOTD: Telling Story Competition

Do you know what slice of life is? It's a manga genre which is tell about daily activities. Firstly, I come up with an idea to make it as a cetegory in my blog, but not just the story but also the makeup. So, I created this "Slice of Life & FOTD" series. Hope you will like it since this is the first post in this category.

Today I'm kinda dig my old photos in Facebook and I once shared this look that I created for a Telling Story Competition. It's a 9 months old photos but I want to share it with you anyway since I normally wouldn't go with makeup look as crazy as this.

So the story is, I lost the competition. But, my best friend -that I really want her to win- she won ! So happy for her :-) Now, onto the FOTD.

On my Face I'm wearing:
- Maybelline BB Cream in 01
- Oriflame Very Me Smoothie Foundation in Ivory
- Viva loose powder

On my Lips I'm wearing:
- Oriflame Tender Care
- Viva Lipstick (the actual color is bright fuschia, but looks orange on the photos)

On my Eyes I'm wearing:
- Oriflame Very Me Fat Lash Black Out Mascara
- My Darling Liquid Eyeliner

The idea of this look is to create a bold feeling using red lips plus crazy eyeliner. Because I want my eyes and lips to stand out, I dull down everything else such as my cheeks. So I'm wearing nothing on that part. I used to be all natural makeup kinda girl, but look at this photos make me want to step out of my comfort zone and do a little more brave look later. Besides, Life is Too Short to Just Go with a Natural Look.

~ ♥ ~

Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB): Community

I am aware that there's a beauty community in Indonesia called Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB). Not long ago, I read their article which is this one >> Blogger of The Month: Rini Cesilia. I think I found it because I'm on the middle of searching a good blog about Korean Skin Care. So at that time, I'm nowhere wanted to become a part of it.

And today, I somehow manage to get to know more about IBB from Jean Milka's beauty blog. And now I want it. I want to become a part of it. So, I read the How to Become a Member page. And there's a condition that to become a new member people must wrtie atleast 3 articles about beauty every month. And lately, I'm kinda lazy so I can't be a member now. But soon, I'll update more about beauty in this blog. So saty tune. And wish me luck so they'll approve me as a member.

~ ♥ ~

Review Mustika Ratu Indah Warni Acne Mask: Indonesian Skin Care

Have you ever been in the love-hate relationship with skincare product? Well, I am now at that state because of my current purchase mask, which is Mustika Ratu Indah Warni Acne Mask. I give it a try twice and I love how it makes my skin feel clean and soft. I even notice that this mask does make my skin glowing from within, also make it a bit fairer.

So, after give me such benefit, of course I want to love this mask properly. But, unfortunately I think this mask is make me breaking out slighly, especially around my inner cheeks area. Here is how the mask looks like.

It's a powder mask and the packaging says to mix it with Mustika Ratu Rose Water, which I don't have. So I mixed it with water. And it works too. I will probably continue to use this mask because it does give a lot of benefit but I will try to avoid the inner cheeks area later. Because it's not a clay mask, it turns out to be a rough paste, not soft one after it mixed with water. I think it's too rough for my inner cheeks and irritates them. So as the result, it breaks me out.

It says that it helps to shrink pores and take care of acne prone skin. I don't think that this mask helps to minimize my pores nor it takes a good care for my acne prone skin (because it breaks me out). But, there are many other benefits from this mask, I feel like.

So I will give it a 3 out to 5 points. Minus two because it doesn't help my pores which is why I bought it and it's kinda break me out slightly.


Singapore Day 2: Team Bonding, Scavenger Hunt in Arab Street

If you read my latest post Singapore Day 1, you'll know that 25 Indonesian IT students (20 from Malang, 5 from Riau) including me, are being sent to Singapore for TF-Scale Program March-April 2014. So in this 2nd episode of TF-Scale Mini Series, I'll tell you more how's like to live and study in Singapore.

Technical Meeting in Malang

In the first mini series, I already put some departure photos, but they're not really that flattering because the resolution isn't big enough. If you wanna see more, you can see them below.

my parents
Parents of Mine in Blue Batik

Mommies of Some Friends

Last Minute Luggage Check
Find a Cute Photo of Me and Friends

Our Team Leader Yazid

depart to singapore
Funny Pose Before Departure

I also forgot to show how was the flat looks like. So, here it is! :-)

Campus Heights Building
1st Floor

I still remember how it feels to actually get in the bulding this tall. Using my card to tab the main door open for the first time. Using the lift for the first time, eventhough it's a bit broken... It was all great and always be an unforgetable experience ^_^ I live in the 4th floor by the way, tall enough to make me feel dizzy almost all the time, when I still not used to.

The next morning was an unforgetable morning. We woke up fresh, ready for the first day in Singapore. Usually we woke up at 4 to 5 am (depends how diligent you are), but here we wake up at 6 since subuh is 5:57 am. Well, actually in the first day we still don't know that subuh will be that late here in Singapore. The funny things is, without anyone's command, that morning we're gathered in front of Campus Heights building for photo session.

In Front of Campus Heights Take 1

In Front of Campus Heights Take 2

Go Go Go for a Breakfast

Going to e-Canteen

After taking pictures in the yard in front of Campus Heights, we're going to certain place called e-Canteen and having our breakfast. I believe we also have our first dinner (which is yesterday everning) there. We ate at 8.30 in the morning here =P usually in Indonesia we eat our breakfast at around 6 am. That's why we're staaarviiing XD But, there's always energy to take a selfie.

Selfie Before Breakfast
Hot Dog Everybody?

Our first breakfast is a hot dog. Not really every Indonesian's cup of tea, but no choice. Either way, it taste delicious. Then, after a nice meal we're heading to a class room. In there, our learning journey began.

Mr. Terence Chong
Mr. Ganesh Kalyanam

Those two people above give short speech each. They said that the main point of this program is only 3: to study, to make friends, but more importantly is to have fun. It's not just a statement, it's true. First of all, after listening to their wonderful speech, we're out to play games. It's already the first part of having fun. But before that, we're divided into four teams. I'm in the same team with Edward, Bintar, Ido, Kurnia, Heksa, and Ujik. We also been combined with few cambodian friends as well as Singaporean friends.

Mind Games for Concentration and Team Work

Each of us were given a ball. Then, together we form a circle. Everybody must throw their ball to the person on their right, when at the same time, they must taking the ball from person on their left. Fun ^_^ It's a bit tricky, but finally we realized that we only need to focus to catch the ball, and for the ball that we've thrown, we need believe that the person on our right will catch it. But of course we must predict our throw, not too high and not too far.

After the games we're going back to the room before and told that we're going to go out afterwards. We'll be out for Scavenger Hunt but still don't know where. And our first destination turned out to be Kampong Glam in Arab Street. Next up we'll going to China Town.

Discussion Before Playing Scavenger Hunt

So, basically we're giving out a paper filled with so much question. And we must find out whether by asking people around or fin dout ourself through the stores in both Kampong Glam and China Town.

One of My Indonesian Friend Arief - Pose in Kampong Glam

Some time we spread out, take a picture, and some other time we're moving together in a group.

In Front of a Shrine

I see a monk for the first time ever in my life here, in Chineese Shrink which I can't remember it's name.

Cambodian Friend Song Li - Pray in The Shrine
A Beautiful Sudden Rain

Sad news, it's suddenly raining. Good news, it makes the place look even more beautiful.

China Town

Taking the picture above, the picture of China Town, feels like Deja Vu. I think I ever googling "china town" and found similiar photos with the one that I take.

Chineese Traditional Medicine

Indian Shrine

I felt like it's a really long day because I enjoy it very much. When we finally get back to RP, we get some snacks for present for the Scavenger Hunt games before. So, that's how the day's ended.


After that we're back to our room and do absoutely nothing till tomorrow morning. Fun things surprisingly need a lot of energy too xD

Well, that's all I can share for the 2nd day. We hope to do even more fun things tomorrow.
Good night ^_^

~ ♥ ~
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