Singapore Day 1: The New Born of One Big TF-Scale Family

It's always great to look back and think about things in the past, especially things that we're almost grateful of. And surprisingly, you can learn so much about that thing, more than before you think about it. Last month, is probably the busiest month of my life, which is the month of TF-Scale Programme. TF-Scale is a student exhange program funded by Temasek Foundation, held on 17 March 2014 to 11 April 2014. In this blog post, I'd like to share with you the beginning of this journey: The Departure.

go to singapore

take a picture in the bus

tf-scale buddy

If you guys knows me in real life, you'll know that I'm the biggest shy person in the whole planet. At first, I'm nowhere close to everybody who also join this program. Look at me in the pictures above! I'm wearing blue veil (or scarf, which is Singaporean called it that way), did you realize that I'm very shy? Just look at my face and you'll know. So, as you can tell from the pictures, we're depart by bus from Politeknik Negeri Malang to Juanda Airport in Surabaya.

singapore selfie
Selfie in Juanda Airport

I don't remember the exact time we must enter the plane, I think it's around 4pm. But, I do remember that because we eat first, we must rush because it's already the last call (to enter the plane). But, there's always time to take a selfie! XD

Because of food

I don't really have pictures to show you how's the arrival in Singapore was. But I do have from few friends. Gimme time to ask :-)

So, we're arrived around 7 pm and we must wait till 8 pm I think, as long as I can remember, because we're waiting for our friends. Surprisingly, we're not alone in this program, but we have company from Cambodia. The first Cambodian girl that I talk to is Sothary Kim. Currently she's studying in 2 major. I can't remember the other one, I think it's fishery, but I do remember that one of them is English. She said that majority of student in Cambodia take 2 major or as we call it here in Indonesia, double degree.

I think we're arrived in Republic Polytechnic around 9 pm. Then we eat our first dinner which is I can't ever remember what's inside. But, we drink Yeo's for the first time. It feels weird at first because it's either winter melon or crysantemum tea, and we're still not used to. But that's what we're looking for: the first unusual experiences.

After dinner, we got 2 T-shirts with "THINK SOCIAL ACT GLOBAL" on it and our room key, which is hung on our name tag. There's also an ez-link card to take the public transportation with 7 dollars ballance in it. Then, all ready to go to bed. The funny moment is, me as a little girl should drag 19.6 kg luggage from e-canteen to our flat, and it's soo tiring. I almost fall! Luckily, one of the nicest Cambodian girl helping me.

Then, we're entering the flat for the first time. It's as nice as we imagine, because we're already browsing how it looks like. What a tiring wonderful day ^_^ We're ready for the next day, till we don't wanna go to sleep. When we are, it's so late already. I think it's because we're too happy.

So, that's what I'm gonna share today. I hope you also enjoy as much as time in your life.
Good night..

~ ♥ ~
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