Student Exchange with Republic Polytechnic of Singapore #2

Student Exchange Program:
State Polytechnic of Malang with Republic Polytechnic of Singapore

If you read my latest blog post about student exchange program with RP, you'll know that 24 students of State Polytechnic of Malang, including me, will get selected again down to top 18. Well, it's now time to see the result :-)

Today, all of the candidates been told to go to certain room in the basement of our building. Once we all get there, the lecturers said that they'll start to mention the name of the candidate that made to go, one by one. When the list is getting nearer to an end, and I didn't hear my name being called, I become very depressed. I even whispered to one of my girl friend, "Looks like I didn't make it.." :'(

But then, miraculously I heard my name being called, at the very end of the list. And Oh My God, there was a big twist in my mood, from depressed into deeply touched. I nearly cry at the moment, but no :-P

So that is it. That's how we're all 18 going to Singapore at March 17th 2014. That's how we're end up making our own passport. That's how we begin to get to know each other more. And all of that, was a lot of fun and I can't describe how grateful I was.

So, let's end this touchy blog post here or I may start to cry. Haha, no, not really, don't worry :-D PS: here is the sneak peak of my passport photo and I hate it because I don't really like my forehead -_-

Hopefully you enjoy this post and I'll see you all again soon in my next blog post. Love ya ^_^

~ ♥ ~


Student Exchange with Republic Polytechnic of Singapore #1

Student Exchange Program:
State Polytechnic of Malang with Republic Polytechnic of Singapore

So, basically in some rare, expensive rainy day, my English lecturer choose 40 Informatics students of State Polytechnic of Malang which is claimed to has decent ability in communicate using English as well as good attitude. From nowhere, it's just happen that I was lucky enough to be one of them. It happen around two weeks ago, that I as well as the other 39, receive a text message inform me to attend a Student Internship a.k.a Student Exchange Socialization. And that, is the beginning of my whole story :-)

Then of course I attend the socialization which is lead by our Head of Study Program, Mr. Yan. From the socialization I knew that whole 40 will be selected to eliminate almost half of it, remain the top 24 students to actually go there.

I have a great hope to come. That's why when they come up with the challenge to make a Raspberry Pi proposal, I said, "Right, I'm gonna do this!" So, everything's working on great and I can submit my proposal before the challenge ended.

At some another expensive rainy day, a text message inform me to go to certain room in the basement of my current building in State Polytechnic of Malang. And that time I just had a feeling that I made it, I can go to Singapore! And it is, I made it. But they said that they're not a 100% sure that the whole 24 will go, it's all depend on what happen on October 2nd.

Last Wednesday, on October 2nd, the 24 students have a chance to meet the people from Singapore which is: Mr. Dexton, Ms. Sharmila Kana, and also two boys from School of Infocomm: Lim Shun Yong and Wei Zhang.

At the moment, we got the chance to get to know each other, talk, and ask them anything about the Student Exchange program or even about Singapore itself. We have such a great time. I especially happen to talk to them in person. I don't really know what's going on but I did push myself to talk, whatever it is. My English is my biggest problem in here, because Indonesian didn't talk English daily. But today, that day there's no problem so I'm sure I can do this.

Sadly, they announced that not everyone will go. They will choose top 18 from 24 students. I can only hope for a miracle. If I made it then great, if I didn't then I will congratulate everybody like nothing is ever happen in my life :-)

Oh, and last but not least, here is my Face of The Day at the moment. Oriflame foundation and concealer on my face, and  that's about it :-)

That's all that I can share with you at the moment. If you like to know my next journey, please stay tuned on my next blog post. Love ya ^_^

~ ♥ ~

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