Unity Tutorial How to Make Skybox 360 ~ Thesis Diary

This is today's tutorial that I've found useful. I made a sky using a single texture only, thanks to this video.

Next I need to make and import my terrain to the scene, import the character, but animated and colored them first. Wow there are so much to do. Wish me luck!


Tutorial Recommendation: Blender Ocean Modifier in Depth

blender tutorial

So, I've been thinking. If I found a good Blender video tutorial, why didn't I share it? That's why I'm here today with another blog post. For the past three or so days, I can't make my ocean move. I'm so done with the land, trees, and water. But, it just can't make it move! So, I found this tutorial, and I am so happy because finally somebody care enough to explain how to make the ocean move in detail. And that's how I complete my intro video for my thesis! Yay!

I never been so thankful to Youtube like this. My intro is now done. Only need some music and sound, and that's it. Ready to bring to unity3D.

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Blender 2.74 FAQ: How to Use Image as World

If you want to add a proper sky in your Blender, you only need to focus on Texture and World menu on Properties window. First, add a new texture with a sky image. Then, select that image as the world at the World menu. If you try to render that, this is most likely what you gonna get.

how to use image as world blender 2.74

That is because, the image that we've just insert is still only a texture. To make it becomes world, check Horizon under Influence at the Texture menu.

how to use image as world blender 2.74

Try to render that again, and that is your world done!

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Blender 2.74 FAQ: How to Make Glossy Material/ Texture

If you want to make glossy material or texture in Blender 2.74, you're on the right place. Actually, in my case I want to take out the glossy effect and I have no idea at first what makes my material become glossy. Actually, it's just as simple as 1 click of a button.

glossy material blender 2.74

That is my material with glossy effect. It's glossy because on the shading properties (right), the command Shadeless in uncheck. To make it not glossy, simply check the command Shadeless.

glossy texture blender 2.74

Voila! The glossiness is gone. And now my land texture is more realistic.

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Blender Tutorial FAQ: How to Merge 2 Faces

As some of you probably know, I'm in the middle of working on my thesis. I'm making a video game by the way, and one of the software that I'm using is Blender. As I'm doing this for the very first time, there are many things that I need to try and remember. Sometime, it's quiet difficult to remember everything. To do the smallest stuff, even ones that I knew I've done it before, sometimes I just forgot about it. So, to avoid something like that to happen, I decided to write down the way I did something that I've found myself difficult to do so whenever I might need it, I know where to make a quick search.

How to Merge 2 Faces

You can't simply press F. You can't also use alt+M. It's actually ctrl+E → Bridge Edge Loop.

And voila! The 2 faces now joined nicely.

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Modelling the Monster Boat ~ Thesis Diary

It's not the first time I've come up with an idea to not focus with my blog. Chal, just because you're making video game for your thesis, doesn't mean you have to make another blog for that! lol but I did make gamesbychal 4 months ago and now I'm gonna little bit on my face, and telling myself: I don't need more blog. So, I will post my thesis diary in here, which is my personal blog. Anyway, that's not the point ^^

The point is, today's story: I need to start to modelling my monster boat all over again.

modelling boat with blender

Well, that is the monster boat model that I made for the past 3 days. For some technical reason, I can't do it any further. It's just messed up! So I dare myself to make brand new boat today. And miraculously, I've managed to get this far in just a few hours.

modelling boat with blender

Isn't it looks a lot better? The edges are smoother and overall it looks 10 times nicer in my eyes. This is the power of trial and error. Beyond that, I can also happily say that I even make it one step further with the stairs but I didn't decide the further design yet, I hope tomorrow.

3d modelling

So, that's my thesis diary for today. I really hope I can keep up this good vibe and be more productive as it goes. Today is actually the most productive day since it started. And I'm more than willing to keep it up. So last but not least, please wish me luck since the deadline goes nearer. 15th June!!

PS: Google make animation from my pictures so I decided to share it. It's automatic, so it's kind of awesome :)

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