Monday Favourites Vol #1 Korean Style Makeup

As Monday is the busiest day in a week, I probably wouldn't update as much as in the weekend. So I think a quick way to make an update is giving you a link to another source which I love. I know that Temptalia.com has Sunday Link Love series every Sunday, so I just gonna let you know that I inspired by them to do this.

Today's video is created by lovely So Young from So Young's Beauty Room YouTube channel. Some of you guys may already know how much I love her. I love her videos, her makeup, and her fashion sense.  I even mention her here as my Korean Beauty Guru Obsession.

korean makeup

Very recently, she does a korean style makeup to her American friend, Lauren. The idea is to create a youthful look. This video featured a tutorial on creating straight brows, puppy eyes, aegyo sal, dolly blush, and gradient lips, which are the latest korean makeup trends. So here's the video. I hope it's inspire you in some way. Have a good day ^_^

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