Why do I Blog? + Introducing to My New Layout

My First Blog

I remember the first blog that I made is about Harry Potter. It was around 2009, and back then I hate it to death. That blog is a school task and I don't really care about technology at that time, when I was in senior High School, so I hated it. As a school task, of course the prettier the blog, the better score that I got. But, I clearly remember that my blog, which I don't remember (and I won't remember) the url, is only full of naration. No pictures, nothing. Well, actually I kinda remember it (the url) but I think Google deleted it because there's no update for so long.

Why do I Blog and What do I Get?

Seriously, this is a very personal matter. To be honest with you, I love blogging because of so many reasons. First thing first, I love to write, both in Bahasa and English. I love to write since I was in elementary school, and back then I wrote a little scrap of a novel. I don't really show my work to anybody until I was in High School and I join some competition. I keep winning for the first three competition that I joined to. It feels magical. But then, I lost one competition and graduate from High School. Suddenly, I'm out from that world.

I make another appearance in writing but in different form. I blogging. I love korean drama and music a.k.a kpop at that time, so I created K.O.R.E.A.N.Site-Bilingual in here. Anyway, the title is changed to Kpop Jpop Site now because not only love Korean things, nowadays I also love Japanese things. When I wrote about Korean and Japan, I do that purely because I love to, and I don't really want to achieve anything.

Time goes on, and I began to love makeup and beauty world, so I jump on it. The difference between me and other beauty blogger that I know is that, since the very beginning, I have in mind that I want to achieve something from it. I love doing these thing from the bottom of my heart, but I also hope to get some achievement while doing it. It's always good to get two bird in one shot, right?

Before I created this blog, I have a beauty blog entitled My Makeup DiariRes in here. I actually got one achievement on blogging things once on that blog but I just feel so weary with that blog, if that makes any sense, so I made Chalwoo Beauty Blog instead. Eventhough the topic's just the same.

About this blog, very recently (actually this morning) I got my present from a blogging contest that I joining last month which is Japan Beauty Tour Blogging Contest. And the present that I got is SkinLIFE Foaming Facial Foam. I think this present is really cool because eventhough it's only a facial foam for some of you, but for me it means another beauty product to try out and to review.

Also a few days ago, I just got a set of Mustika Ratu Simply Stay Base Makeup. It's also sent for a review purpose, but there's also a blogging competition behind it. I'll post my review soon, so stay tuned and as always, wish me luck :-)

So, the conclusion is by blogging I have everything that I want. I can fulfill my willingness to write, to share something, to speak up in different ways, to dream about anything I want, and also to achieve something precious.

If blogging is not your thing, then that's fine. You don't have to be a blogger to be happy. Maybe you're happy when you sing, or when you make art, or when you study. That's good, as long as you happy doing it. So stay believing in your passion for beauty, and I'll see you guys in my next post. Bye..

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  1. Nice blog and I love your new layout <3
    I loved writing when I was younger too, but the passion has gone hehe
    Running a blog is a great way to improve your english writing skill
    And I totally agree with you. To be happy is simple. Do what you like to do :)
    Keep up the good work chal :)

    1. Thank you to stop by and thanks for the comments.
      Really appreciate it ^_^
      Of course, I'll try to keep it up.
      Thanks sa :D

  2. Very interesting, i also love the English. I have several ways to learn English, such as listening to music and watching film that using English. Your ability to speak English is very good, hopefully i can also learn more by visiting this blog. Keep it up ! :D

    1. Thanks for visiting and also for your comment.. Sure, listening music and watching movies both are very fun way to learn English :-)

  3. Love your new beauty layout :) I want to write every I get new experience, but hmm difficult to fine time for writing :( Your English is so good, that inspire me to learn English more and more so my English can be better. May our blog can be useful, keep spirit :)

    1. Thank you kiki :D you should try to write more too.
      Yes good luck for you too ^_^


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