Graduation: Surprise Attempt Failed

Goodbye is a strange word. Same with graduation. You know it means something comes to an end, but it also means that another door being open for you to get through.

graduation surprise

Dulur Sak Modare means 'Friend till We Died'. It's a name that given to 12th generation of Steering Committee of UKM Pendidikan dan Penalaran. Today, 17 of 23 members of Dulur Sak Modare are graduating. It's a beautiful day for graduation party. But gather at around 12 AM, the weather is a bit hot.

graduation cupcakes

My attempt on making a surprise for the graduating members failed. I want to give a little graduation cupcake with graduation card (sticker), but the package came very late. I manage to give it to some members, but still feels like I'm failing. Sorry guys :-(
I really wanted to give it to all 17 of you.

If you're lucky enough to got my sincere little gift, then it's great. If you aren't, you know I'm terribly sorry. Congratulation on what you've already got and I wish you a very good luck in the future.

graduation cupcakes

But I'm glad that at least the leader of 12th generation, Reda, the former leader of UKM Pendidikan dan Penalaran, Ridho, and the former chief of 1st Division, Udin, can taste the cupcake :-)

Enough with the sad part, next I'd like to share more fun pictures and story :D I'm glad I manage to meet as many as possible of you guys. Here is the picture of me and Wahyu, my besties, who always close her eyes on the count of 3. You know, when taking picture you count 1, 2, 3.


I take picture with my brother also, his name is Rudy. And other friend, Teddy.

graduation flower

At last, it's a nice day if it weren't for my almost lost camera. I left my camera in a shop and I only realized it when I arrived in school so I'm a bit panic. But, so glad it's not gone. So, yeah, that's all for this blog post. Hope to meet all of you some other time. For now, goodbye...

With love,

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