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I've been interested in korean makeup blog and youtube channel for the past 4 years. So that's probably why I searched them up a lot. There are many blogs that I've followed but I kinda forgot which one the best and which one I like the most. So, I'm taking this opportunity to gather all the blogs that I can remember and give you my opinion in which one I think is the best.

#1 Rini Cesillia's Beauty Blog

With all honesty, I didn't pick this one up as the best korean beauty blog just because it's owner is Indonesian. I really love it all the way because the photos are so clear, they're in HD and taken in perfect angle. The articles and reviews written nicely and in depth. She also update the blog quiet frequently. Sometimes, Rini, the name of the owner, wrote the blog post in Bahasa so international fans might not understand it well. But, you can always take a moment to see through the photos. They really are beautiful. Here I got some examples.

Read the article here

Read the article here


#2 Kim Style Beauty Blog

Sorry, but I did pick another Indonesian blogger for the runner up haha. But this one is no exceptionally great. The article is so descriptive and easy to read. The owner also very cute and I sould say that she's pretty ulzzang too :)

Read the article here

Read the article here

#3 The Wonderful World of Wengie

Finally, non Indonesian blogger. Wengie is a beauty blogger from Australia and she did super well with her blog. The design definitely the most professional out of three. But, what make me put it in the third place is that she featured beauty stuff more on her Youtube channel and she rarely gives any beauty products review in her blog, apart from lens review which she did so many times. Sometimes she just made an article to featured her videos, which is cool, but sometimes when I read beauty blog, I tend to find something to read, just like when I go to Youtube I tend to find something to watch :) But either way, she does have a good blog.

Read the article here

So, is your favorite come out on my list? If it isn't, feel free to leave a comment and tell me your favorite because I love to see your recommendation. Till next time, bye~


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    1. My most welcome :D
      For sure, I always will ♥ ^^


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