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Chalwoo Korean Beauty Blog is written by me, Chalimi a.k.a chalwoo. As far as I can remember, I love to write since elementary school. After graduate from High School, I own so many blogs including Kpop Jpop Site and MyMakeupDiariRes. I'd love to combine those two blogs become one, so I decided to make this blog instead, which is covered my love to anything Beauty and Korean-Japan related.

I'm 21 years old and currently study in Republic Polytechnic of Malang. My major is Informatics Engineering. In March 2014, I attended a student exchange programme with Republic Polytechnic of Singapore for a month. That's also my first experience to going abroad.

I love blogging, it's just my pure passion. Beauty things, fashion, and design is also something that I'd love to learn. I'm not an expert for those, but I have a great will to learn.

I only use halal Makeup and Skin Care because I'm a moslem girl. My most use brand for now is Oriflame becuase it's animal cruelty free, means it doesn't contain animal ingredients nor being tested to animal. But I also love using other brands as long as it's halal (doesn't contain pork and 1% or more alcohol). I'm highly attracted to Korean-Japan Makeup and Skin Care. Once I know certain product is halal, I will gladly use it.

My inspiration for this blog comes from both foreigners and local beauty blogger including: Zoella, Tanya Burr, Rini Cesillia, and Jean Milka. For YouTuber I love Zoella and Tanya Burr the most, but I also highly love So Young's Beauty Room.

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  1. Hi.. currently I am doing a research about beauty blogger's influence in cosmetic buying intention in Indonesia for my thesis.

    It would be great if you can help me to fill in the questionnaire.


    Thank you in advance


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