Singapore Day 2: Team Bonding, Scavenger Hunt in Arab Street

If you read my latest post Singapore Day 1, you'll know that 25 Indonesian IT students (20 from Malang, 5 from Riau) including me, are being sent to Singapore for TF-Scale Program March-April 2014. So in this 2nd episode of TF-Scale Mini Series, I'll tell you more how's like to live and study in Singapore.

Technical Meeting in Malang

In the first mini series, I already put some departure photos, but they're not really that flattering because the resolution isn't big enough. If you wanna see more, you can see them below.

my parents
Parents of Mine in Blue Batik

Mommies of Some Friends

Last Minute Luggage Check
Find a Cute Photo of Me and Friends

Our Team Leader Yazid

depart to singapore
Funny Pose Before Departure

I also forgot to show how was the flat looks like. So, here it is! :-)

Campus Heights Building
1st Floor

I still remember how it feels to actually get in the bulding this tall. Using my card to tab the main door open for the first time. Using the lift for the first time, eventhough it's a bit broken... It was all great and always be an unforgetable experience ^_^ I live in the 4th floor by the way, tall enough to make me feel dizzy almost all the time, when I still not used to.

The next morning was an unforgetable morning. We woke up fresh, ready for the first day in Singapore. Usually we woke up at 4 to 5 am (depends how diligent you are), but here we wake up at 6 since subuh is 5:57 am. Well, actually in the first day we still don't know that subuh will be that late here in Singapore. The funny things is, without anyone's command, that morning we're gathered in front of Campus Heights building for photo session.

In Front of Campus Heights Take 1

In Front of Campus Heights Take 2

Go Go Go for a Breakfast

Going to e-Canteen

After taking pictures in the yard in front of Campus Heights, we're going to certain place called e-Canteen and having our breakfast. I believe we also have our first dinner (which is yesterday everning) there. We ate at 8.30 in the morning here =P usually in Indonesia we eat our breakfast at around 6 am. That's why we're staaarviiing XD But, there's always energy to take a selfie.

Selfie Before Breakfast
Hot Dog Everybody?

Our first breakfast is a hot dog. Not really every Indonesian's cup of tea, but no choice. Either way, it taste delicious. Then, after a nice meal we're heading to a class room. In there, our learning journey began.

Mr. Terence Chong
Mr. Ganesh Kalyanam

Those two people above give short speech each. They said that the main point of this program is only 3: to study, to make friends, but more importantly is to have fun. It's not just a statement, it's true. First of all, after listening to their wonderful speech, we're out to play games. It's already the first part of having fun. But before that, we're divided into four teams. I'm in the same team with Edward, Bintar, Ido, Kurnia, Heksa, and Ujik. We also been combined with few cambodian friends as well as Singaporean friends.

Mind Games for Concentration and Team Work

Each of us were given a ball. Then, together we form a circle. Everybody must throw their ball to the person on their right, when at the same time, they must taking the ball from person on their left. Fun ^_^ It's a bit tricky, but finally we realized that we only need to focus to catch the ball, and for the ball that we've thrown, we need believe that the person on our right will catch it. But of course we must predict our throw, not too high and not too far.

After the games we're going back to the room before and told that we're going to go out afterwards. We'll be out for Scavenger Hunt but still don't know where. And our first destination turned out to be Kampong Glam in Arab Street. Next up we'll going to China Town.

Discussion Before Playing Scavenger Hunt

So, basically we're giving out a paper filled with so much question. And we must find out whether by asking people around or fin dout ourself through the stores in both Kampong Glam and China Town.

One of My Indonesian Friend Arief - Pose in Kampong Glam

Some time we spread out, take a picture, and some other time we're moving together in a group.

In Front of a Shrine

I see a monk for the first time ever in my life here, in Chineese Shrink which I can't remember it's name.

Cambodian Friend Song Li - Pray in The Shrine
A Beautiful Sudden Rain

Sad news, it's suddenly raining. Good news, it makes the place look even more beautiful.

China Town

Taking the picture above, the picture of China Town, feels like Deja Vu. I think I ever googling "china town" and found similiar photos with the one that I take.

Chineese Traditional Medicine

Indian Shrine

I felt like it's a really long day because I enjoy it very much. When we finally get back to RP, we get some snacks for present for the Scavenger Hunt games before. So, that's how the day's ended.


After that we're back to our room and do absoutely nothing till tomorrow morning. Fun things surprisingly need a lot of energy too xD

Well, that's all I can share for the 2nd day. We hope to do even more fun things tomorrow.
Good night ^_^

~ ♥ ~

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