My New Korean YouTube Beauty Guru Obsession: Soo Young's Beauty Room

I always have atleast one beauty guru in my mind all day every day at a time. And recently there's always one that comes to my mind everytime I watch YouTube, and that is Soo Young's Beauty Room channel. That channel owned by Soo Young, a korean woman that live in America. But she still affected by korean makeup style and moreover, she affects people.

Soo Young is so pure and I love her personality so much. She has a nice korean's aegyo (cuteness) which make me like her even more. Beside all of that, she's so talented with her makeup. She made a lot of K-Pop stars makeup tutorials. For example, this is her Park Shin Hye Makeup Tutorial.

park shin hye makeup tutorial
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Another thing that I like about her is her fashion sense. She does a haul video pretty often. She has a cute style, if I should say her fashion in one word. Because she likes things like flower crop top, white lace crop top, cardigans, and shorts. She also has vlog channel that she use with her husband, Mr. Young.

But beyond any of that makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and vlogs, my most favourite is still her korean makeup haul videos. I'm obsessed with kpop and k-drama, so you can tell that I have an obsession to korean makeup also. Every korean makeup that she mentioned in her haul videos, I want to buy it. I want it pretty bad, so lucky that I'm not living in Korea or America but in Indonesia and I can't get my hand on any of those makeup easily. That prevents me from spending all my money on just a bunch of korean makeup :-)

Well, that's my go to beauty channel for the past 2 or so weeks. I hope you'll like it, especially if you also obsessed with korean as bad as I do. And I'll see you in the next post. Bye.

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Image courtesy of: Soo Young's video (I captured them myself)

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