Top 5 New Years Makeup Ideas

Top 5 Inspiring New Years Makeup Ideas for Young Girls

Are you excited for the following event? New Years party is coming up! Have you been prepared for everything? Makeup, dresses, and even present? If you haven't, then here is the top 5 new years makeup ideas that may can help you to decide what makeup look you like and going to remake for the new years.

-- Sweet girl --

Are you always be a girl as sweet as sugar? Want to make the most sweet of your look ever? Then try this "sweet girl" makeup ideas. Simply create a full brows, brown smokey eyes, nice rosy lips, add a peachy blush, you're done. You can never go wrong with the sweet sugar candy girl look.

-- Romantic girl --

The next new years makeup ideas would be this romantic girl look. New year, new love. Try this one if you're ready for another chance in love. Forget the past pain feeling and move on! Try to create a nicely shape brows, add a touch of purple smokey eyes, pinky nude lip colour, and a pinky blush. Now, you're ready for the new chapter of your love life.

-- Retro chick --

Still not satisfied with 2 new years makeup ideas above? Want something a bit more chic and stylish at the same time? Then try retro look. Create a full but arched brows, fully-painted lids, heavily-lined eyes, and full lips with bold colour like red or darker colours like crimson, merlot, and burgundy.

-- Gothic babe --

Wanna be a dark and mysterious girl? This gothic look will suit you best. Black hair, dark clothing, and pale complexion is a must for goth dresser. The hint of goth makeup is on the eyes. Create a deep and dark look with dark eyeliner and eyeshadow. This look is simply fun to remake.

-- Colourful birds --

If you're sort of person that can not stay away from colours, then just become a colourful birds. Create this very colourful look for the new years to show the colourful side of you. It's so fun to play around with colours. You can use any brighgt colours if you will, or you can stay safe with soft colours, it's up to you.

So that's all my top picks for new years makeup ideas. If you have another ideas please leave a comment below. If you like you can telling me which ideas you think will suits you the best in the comments also.
At last, Happy New Year ^_^

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