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My favourite prom makeup tips from Michelle Phan

Who doesn't know Michelle Phan? She's probably one of the biggest beauty guru ever in YouTube and she's definitely a professional in makeup. Some may call her: The Accidental Millionaire, but for me she's worth it because she plays hard to get it.

Anyway, in this post I try to gather all her makeup and beauty tips for prom, even from a week before that magical night. The first video below covers all you have to do few days before the D day that you may not yet think of: tame your acne, brighten your skin, lighten up your moustache, whiten your teeth, and more! It's so useful as a reminder for us.

The next tips is obviousy makeup. For prom, Michelle gives you the ideas of soft smokey eyes with perfect nude lips.

If you're inspired by this look, follow the tutorial in her video below. But, if this look isn't your style then go ahead to look for other inspiration. You can try to find your inspiration from magazine, beauty blogs, or beauty channel in YouTube.

The next tips on the following video is probably my most favourite. It's all the tips to look perfect on picture. So, say good bye to white cast on your face, redness, zombie eyes, and say  hello to perfectly even skin tone and beautiful bigger eyes.

The last video is a little 'out there' but I found that it could be useful sometime when you need to take a really good picture. This is the tips on posing for photos from a professional photographer that Michelle knows.

So that's all the prom makeup tips  with some little extra tips from my favourite beauty guru, Michelle Phan. I hope you enjoy those videos as much as I do and found them helpful. For more videos of her doing makeup, you can subscribe here.

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