Annyeong (Good Bye) 2013 :-)

One year is actually a LOT of time. But in the end, a year slipped by just like a wind. I felt like it's only yesterday that I have a big mission for the year of 2013. But now, 2013 is almost gone and today is the last day of December.

I feel lucky, because I've changed so much for the past 2+ years since I go to college, especially in 2013 (mostly in a good way). I'm a mega introvert person before, but this year, I pushed myself to be a little bit more open. It Is Hard, I admit it. And without the help of friends and family, it wouldn't be possible. But it's all good and it's all exciting, so I really grateful for the times passed.

Steering Committe of UKM PP Organization 2013-2014

I normally wouldn't join a student-based organization because I'm very shy and also very lazy. But since I go to college, I push myself to join some. And I'm grateful that I push myself like that. Right now, I imagine what I've been like without my organization buddy. Pretty sure I'll be a very monotone person with a very  boring life.

In UKM PP, I meet up with so many wonderful friends and best friends. And also being in a organization make me realize that in this world, there must be at least one person who need you. For example, one of the most exciting moment that I have, personally, is the rare experience to be a makeup artist for them when we were going to take our last photos in a studio. It's really fun for me, since I'm a massive beauty addict. The moment I apply makeup: the foundation, powder, and so on for them, I'll never forget that :-) It's always going to be a sweet lifetime memory for me.

About my study, this year I got a challenge for myself to make a Raspberry Py proposal which the very lucky person will go to Singapore for a student exchange program for approximately a month. Again, I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world because I passed the test for the program and I can manage to actually go. The name of the student exchange program is TF-SCALE and we'll be going 3 months from now, at March 17th 2014.

Also very recently in december, I made a decision to rejoin SEO Academy aka Search Engine Optimization Academy. It's an online course founded by Bramantya Farid, and he is the coolest person ever that teach us how to made a SEO friendly website. I found SEO is an interesting thing to learn and I've so much fun studying in this Academy. I got some time vacuum from the Academy before, because I felt that I can't manage to handle my study, organization, as well as the Academy at the same time! But now, I think it's the perfect time to rejoin since my periode in organization is almost over.

So, that's all the best thing that's happen to me in 2013. Eventhough I love 2013, life must go on.
And for me, it's the perfect time to say

Thank You and Good Bye 2013 :-)

What's the best thing that ever happen to you in 2013? Tell me in the comments.

~ ♥ ~

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