One Day Experience as UKM PP Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist? Never really think about it. I just enjoy makeup.

Yesterday was a very special day for Streering Committee of UKM PP. If you don't know what UKM PP is, it's a student based organization in my campus. There are 24 members of Streering Committee in the organization, and yesterday we did the last and the most memorable photo shoot of all time, the photo session in a real studio.

Very early in the morning, I already come to the secretariat office as told. There is a deal beforehand that I will do all the member's makeup. So, at that time, I brought some weapon with me :-)

I actually didn't invest on the makeup palette yet. The lancome palette in the picture is belong to my friend's mom. But the other products are from my own collection. So, without further chit chat, here is the snap shoot of all my masterpiece..

The Girls

There are 4 girls who does her makeup them self or by other friend, but mostly, I did it :-)

The guys

For the guys, easy, I just apply a little bit of powder with powder brush, and voila. Their makeup is done! If you're interested, here is also the snap of ech division. There are 4 divisions and I'm in the 2nd one.

 Daily Development Department: coming soon

1st division: Operational Intern

2nd division: Public Relation

3rd division: Discussion and Reasoning

4th division: Technology and Language

So, I hope you enjoy seeing me and my organization buddy.
PS: I'm in pink by the way, if you didn't find out yet.
At last, love ya. Bye ^_^

~ ♥ ~

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