The Best LORAC Eyeshadow Palette + Discount Info

Top 5 the best LORAC Eyeshadow Palette.

I know LORAC for the first time from a Facebook group called Makeup Obsessive. From what I remembered, there's a girl that posted a picture of her eye makeup and I think it's beautiful. And as you can imagine, that makes me interested to the product that she was using, and it happen to be the LORAC Eyeshadow Palette, but I can't remember which palette that she used. So, I made a little research on their collection, eyeshadow palette wise, and fall in love with these following five.

♥ LORAC Unzipped Palette 

LORAC Eyeshadow Palette - Unzipped

Packaging wise, this palette is very similar to the Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette, but it has a mirror in it which Stila don't. Colours wise, it's not look alike at all. This palette is covers more browny neutral colours, when Stila still has blue and black colours. This palette plus mini LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer (sample size) cost $40.

♥ LORAC PRO Palette 

LORAC Eyeshadow Palette - PRO

LORAC PRO Eyeshadow Palette has 18 colours, and I would say that it has pretty much everything you need, from light colours to dark colours and from matte to shimmery. This palette cost $110 including mini LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer.

♥ LORAC Ooh La Lace Palette 

LORAC Eyeshadow Palette - Ooh La Lace

This palette is definitely more simple but still very useful because just like the PRO palette, this one has a nice variation of light to dark colours. I think with this simple palette we can create many different look, smokey eyes, smokey brown, smokey grey, browny neutrals, a lot! This palette cost $36, nearly the same with Unzipped palette, but without the eye primer sample.

♥ LORAC Color Me Couture Eyeshadow Palette 

LORAC Eyeshadow Palette - Color Me Couture

Colour Me Couture Eyeshadow Palette probably the most handy palette, in my opinion, because it has a double ended eyeshadow brush included. The colours are super pretty too. I really like the colour in the middle (Luxe) which is a warm goldy pearl colour. When I wrote this post, LORAC Cosmetics gives a special discount for this palette. Normally this whole palette cost $37, but you can now get your hands on it just with $18.50.

♥ LORAC Little Black Palette 

LORAC Eyeshadow Palette - Little Black

The palette contains four generously sized baked eyeshadows in a soft gold beige, a copper penny, a rich bronze, and a choco brown. This little palette cost only $34 which I think it's a complete bargain, because you get a full size LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer included.

So that's all the top 5 the best LORAC Eyeshadow Palette in my opinion. Hopefully will get my hand on some of them soon. What's your favorite from LORAC collection? Tell me in the comments, I would love to hear your opinion in these palettes.

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Image courtesy of LORAC® Cosmetics at LoracCosmetics.com

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