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Who doesn't know Hyuna? She's one of the trendsetter of korean makeup trend in Korea. Especially, right after her appearance on Psy's MV, Gangnam Style that makes her very famous. A way more famous than before. Even long ago before Gangnam Style, the word "sexy" and "Hyuna" is like peanut butter and jelly, it means unseparated. If you know her first solo debut in "CHANGE", you'll se how sexy she is as a teenager.

For now, beside her solo debut, she's still also the member of 4Minute, an idol girl group, and Trouble Maker, a duet group. Her latest comeback in 2013, Now (There is No Tomorrow), is within Trouble Maker. Here is some of the snapshot of her look in the MV. She's so damn gorgeous and of course, sexy.

korean makeup trend

We all know, korean girls has the most perfect fair skin in the world. It's because they always take care of their skin well. Their principle is "Less Makeup, More Skincare". That's the first korean makeup trend nowadays.

korean makeup trend

I guess everybody know that double eyelids is the biggest korean makeup trend. It is true. Every girl want to have double eyelids whatever it takes. One of the way to achive that, is with plastic surgery. But there's also many other method to get double eyelid without surgery, for example with makeup.

korean makeup trend

Next up is the lips. To create the perfect shape, conceal the lips first, and then create the desire shape with lip liner. After that, fill the lips with any dark colour, either red or deep berry colour like this.

korean makeup trend

There's nothing sexier than a heavy bottom eyes. In this MV, Hyuna's eye makeup mostly have a dark brown shadow under the eyes to give the illusion of bigger eyes.

korean makeup trend

For the hair, she picks a short cut, messy ombre hair style. It's indeed suits her personality and the sexy concept very well.

So that's all the korean makeup trends that Hyuna brings. It's so sexy and sultry. For more makeup trends, follow this blog and comment below which style that you like to see next time :-)

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Image courtesy of Cube Entertainment at Trouble Maker (Official YouTube Channel)

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