Hwangyong Hamnida (Welcome) 2014 :-)

Happy New Year 2014. Hope you all have the best year this year :-)

Yesterday I posted my recap of all the good things that happen in 2013. To balance out that latest post, today I welcoming 2014 with some fresh new revolution, hope, goals, and things like that. I suggest you all to do so, because I think New Year is the best time to dream and make a list of it. So then in the very end of the year, you can see whether you completed stuff or didn't complete stuff. It really is a fun thing to do.

♥  Try to become more useful person.
Give more to others and don't expect any bits of compensastion.

♥  Make more friends, girls wise.
So that you don't fell lonely or empty :-)

♥  Be more open and going out with girl friends more.
Don't have a boyfriend in 2014, focus on more important thing this year!

♥  Keeping contact with good friends, eventhough you're going to rarely meet them in the future.
The end of our generation in UKM PP Organization (2013-2014) is getting near.

♥  Beauty wise, build more of my makeup collection.

♥  Be a better daughter for my parents & a better sister for my siblings.
Want to fulfil their dream and hope of me this year, "sister that can give money to buy snacks".

♥  This is very personal, but I want to get my clear skin back, somehow.

♥  And that also means, I need to drink Green Tea more.

♥  Be more confident and comfortable about myself, don't try to be someone else.
You made who you are.

♥  Get 1 Million view for this blog ;-)
Just because I put this on the very last, doesn't mean it last important. Actually, this is one of the thing that I really want to fulfil the most.

So that's all the revolutions that I've set for myself this year. Ideally, I hope to fulfil them all, but to fulfil some is already a big deal for me and a bonus for my life. But I believe, the key to success is all inside me, waiting to be found. We just need to believe, that we can DO things.

Is there any revolutions or goals that you set for yourself this year? :-)

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