Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB): Community

I am aware that there's a beauty community in Indonesia called Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB). Not long ago, I read their article which is this one >> Blogger of The Month: Rini Cesilia. I think I found it because I'm on the middle of searching a good blog about Korean Skin Care. So at that time, I'm nowhere wanted to become a part of it.

And today, I somehow manage to get to know more about IBB from Jean Milka's beauty blog. And now I want it. I want to become a part of it. So, I read the How to Become a Member page. And there's a condition that to become a new member people must wrtie atleast 3 articles about beauty every month. And lately, I'm kinda lazy so I can't be a member now. But soon, I'll update more about beauty in this blog. So saty tune. And wish me luck so they'll approve me as a member.

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