Review Mustika Ratu Indah Warni Acne Mask: Indonesian Skin Care

Have you ever been in the love-hate relationship with skincare product? Well, I am now at that state because of my current purchase mask, which is Mustika Ratu Indah Warni Acne Mask. I give it a try twice and I love how it makes my skin feel clean and soft. I even notice that this mask does make my skin glowing from within, also make it a bit fairer.

So, after give me such benefit, of course I want to love this mask properly. But, unfortunately I think this mask is make me breaking out slighly, especially around my inner cheeks area. Here is how the mask looks like.

It's a powder mask and the packaging says to mix it with Mustika Ratu Rose Water, which I don't have. So I mixed it with water. And it works too. I will probably continue to use this mask because it does give a lot of benefit but I will try to avoid the inner cheeks area later. Because it's not a clay mask, it turns out to be a rough paste, not soft one after it mixed with water. I think it's too rough for my inner cheeks and irritates them. So as the result, it breaks me out.

It says that it helps to shrink pores and take care of acne prone skin. I don't think that this mask helps to minimize my pores nor it takes a good care for my acne prone skin (because it breaks me out). But, there are many other benefits from this mask, I feel like.

So I will give it a 3 out to 5 points. Minus two because it doesn't help my pores which is why I bought it and it's kinda break me out slightly.

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