Slice of Life & FOTD: Telling Story Competition

Do you know what slice of life is? It's a manga genre which is tell about daily activities. Firstly, I come up with an idea to make it as a cetegory in my blog, but not just the story but also the makeup. So, I created this "Slice of Life & FOTD" series. Hope you will like it since this is the first post in this category.

Today I'm kinda dig my old photos in Facebook and I once shared this look that I created for a Telling Story Competition. It's a 9 months old photos but I want to share it with you anyway since I normally wouldn't go with makeup look as crazy as this.

So the story is, I lost the competition. But, my best friend -that I really want her to win- she won ! So happy for her :-) Now, onto the FOTD.

On my Face I'm wearing:
- Maybelline BB Cream in 01
- Oriflame Very Me Smoothie Foundation in Ivory
- Viva loose powder

On my Lips I'm wearing:
- Oriflame Tender Care
- Viva Lipstick (the actual color is bright fuschia, but looks orange on the photos)

On my Eyes I'm wearing:
- Oriflame Very Me Fat Lash Black Out Mascara
- My Darling Liquid Eyeliner

The idea of this look is to create a bold feeling using red lips plus crazy eyeliner. Because I want my eyes and lips to stand out, I dull down everything else such as my cheeks. So I'm wearing nothing on that part. I used to be all natural makeup kinda girl, but look at this photos make me want to step out of my comfort zone and do a little more brave look later. Besides, Life is Too Short to Just Go with a Natural Look.

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