www.JeanMilka.com: Beauty Blog Review and Giveaway

Today I started to know about www.JeanMilka.com and I fell in love with it. It's a beauty blog, definitely, like what blog that I can fell in love with other than beauty blog? I like it because the writer is pretty and has a great skin, that's my priority when it comes to love a beauty blog (and a YouTube channel as well). Lucky me, Jean the writer held a giveaway start from this month till the middle of August, which means I still have a big chance to win the giveaway, so you guys!

Jean Milka Giveaway

That's the official poster for the giveaway. There are lot of things that you can win from this giveaway. Eventhough it's the first, Jean give a lot of thoughts on the products she'll gave to the readers.

Price for the 1st Winner

She will give the products above for the 1st winner which she select by herself from a review for her blog. I personally love the blog in an instant and ended up reading all her blog post since the very beginning which is November 2013. I just LOVE her blog. Please check out her blog cause it's amazing and don't forget to enter the giveaway here :-)

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