Best Korean Makeup Tutorial You Will Ever Seen!

I like watching korean makeup tutorial on YouTube. If you read this article, well then I guess you too! I hope you didn't see the tutorials that I will show you yet, because that will ruin the whole point of me making this article with this insane title. But, seriously guys, even if you're already watching that video, you still gonna agree that the tutorial is the best one. So, here is the video for you. Hope you enjoy it ;-)

To make life so much easier, I list all the makeup products and tools that she used on the video just down below.

♥ MAC Pre Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer

♥ Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation

♥ Piccasso Foundation Brush FB15 (for foundation)

♥ Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

♥ No Name Angled Brush (for concealer)

♥ MUFE La Boheme Palette

♥ MUFE High Definition Brush #13

♥ MUFE Eyebrow Kit

♥ Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder #1

♥ MUFE Powder Eyeshadow #139

♥ MUFE Brow Seal

♥ MUFE Compact Shine #03

♥ MUFE Aqua Eyes Pencil #23L

♥ Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Old Hollywood

♥ MUFE Aqua Cream #13

♥ Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Cosmic Pink

So, I hope you guys enjoy that korean makeup tutorial as much as I do. I'm so in love with korean makeup style. It's always fresh, clean, classy, and enhance their natural korean beauty so well. If you have another great videos on girl teaching korean makeup, please let me know in the comments or if you made one of them, because I'll love watching them :-D

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