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Name 10 of your favorite makeup artists! ............ I'm waiting for you to think of 10 names here guys, come on! :-) Whoever your favorite, I'm sure that you count this girl in. Who's that? Of course Tanya Burr! She is everyone's favorite. She's such a sweet girl, very talented on makeup, and her tutorials on YouTube are super easy to follow.

makeup artist website
Tanya Burr

If you don't know who Tanya Burr is, she's a professional makeup artist and she has her own beauty channel on YouTube. Look at her website here and subscribe to her channel here. You'll LOVE her. Lately she launched her exclusive collection of Lip Glosses and Nail Polishes. They are amazing. Such a shade to die for. There are 12 shades of lip glosses and 10 nail polishes.

The next one, you all probably will agree with me, it is Wayne Alan Goss a.k.a. GossMakeupArtist.

makeup artist website
Wayne Goss

Goss is already 62 but who knows? He looks so damn young for his age. He has an official website here and a YouTube channel here. He never run out of a great tips when it comes to makeup. He inspires me a lot! And I'm sure he'll inspire you guys too, if you check out his channel now. His videos are extremely helpful, many tips and tutorials to learn from. Love it!

I'm afraid that's all makeup artists that I know because to be honest with you, I know them from YouTube then I find out that they're actually a professional makeup artist also. So, if you know any Makeup Artist + YouTube beauty guru on YouTube, please telling me in the comments because I love to see their tutorials.

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Tanya Burr Official FB Page
Wayne Goss Official FB Page


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