Korean Beauty Secrets

Korean Beauty Secrets that Actually Work

Most of the time, people talk about korean beauty secrets that they just heard from books, or movies, or koran drama. But, they don't really try it out themself. That's why, this topic become nothing than just a hoax. But today, I will share the korean beauty secrets that actually work for me.

SNSD Yoona, Voted as the most beautiful woman in Asia via Chinese Magazine

#1 How to Make The Most Hydrated and Moist Skin

I'm so lazy when it comes to drink enough water, especially with medical purpose. But, when I think about my skin and realized that it needs hydration, I get up and get myslef a cold glass of water to drink. But still, there's time that we really don't want to drink water. So what to do? Our skin is suffering. Not anymore. You can actually keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer and toner that has ability to lock moisture. But it still the best that you drink more water because it's not only hydrate your skin but also your body.

2NE1 Dara (right), Voted as Today's #1 Young Face via Plastic Surgery Clinic

#2 How to Look Youtuhful

If you look at most korean female singers or actresses, they tend to look youthful, and in some occasion, they look a lot younger than their age really was. For example, who the hell can tell that 2NE1 Dara is almost reach 30. She looks incredibly young. The secret is that they always keep the makeup very simple. Arch and dark brows are definitely beautiful. But it makes you look a lot older. In the photo above, she draw her brows in light colours and not make it rather straight, not too arch. For me, most of the time I didn't touch my brows with makeup at all.

#3 How to Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Makeup

Who could said that Miss A Suzy isn't a gorgeous chick. She's a definite beauty! Even with zero makeup, she still looks damn beautiful and she looks even prettier with makeup. So, what's the korean beauty secrets behind it? It calls the proper way to enhance your natural beauty. There are 3 steps:

♥ Koreans doesn't use foundation. Most of them will choose to wear BB Cream or CC Cream over foundations. BB Cream gives coverage, even out skin tone, moisturize, and nourish the skin at the same time.

♥ If you look at Suzy's eyes in the picture above, she wears a Puppy Eyes Makeup that becoming trends nowadays because it looks like a smiling eyes.

♥ And last but not least, for the most beautiful lips, she wars a pretty pink shade that not overly pigmented nor completely nude. She wears just the right pink for her lips.

So that's all korean beauty secrets that I already applied myself. With those simple tricks, people always gives me compliments that I actually wearing makeup but still looks natural. Hopefully those help you guys as well :-)

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