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KPOP Fashion and Talk Episode #1 NU'EST

Kpop Fashion, especially the one that they featured on many Music Video, is a definite unique. It wasn't a typical outfit that someone would wear on a daily basis. It's so eye catching and million fan girls were killed to see their bias actually wear it in real life.

kpop fashion

In this first episode of K-Pop Fashion and Talk, we're going to discuss about NU'EST. A korean boy band that captures our heart with their edgy concept about bullying at the beginning of 2012.

NU'EST Minhyun Outfit

As you may already know, NU'EST visual is Minhyun. In their first music video FACE, he and the rest of members as well, wearing a simple black blazer as their uniform with abstract pattern t-shirt underneath, because as I mentioned before, the MV's concept is again about bullying in school so they need to wear a uniform. Then, he just paired the blazer with black skinny trousers and of course, a pair of white shoes. For the accessories, he wears spiky metalic bracelet and a couple of metalic rings.

NU'EST J.R. Outfit

JR's outfit is slighgtly more colourful than Minhyun's. He wears a spiky pink gloves, I guess it's designed for him to punch someone. But anyway, there's some colour on his outfit. And he's also wearing a silver chain as you can see.

NU'EST FACE 1st Outfit

So that's basicaly their first outfit. Lot's of black and spiky silver accessories in there. I can't really capture all of the individuals complete outfit but you can see that on the picture above.

kpop fashion
1st Outfit

As you can see, they're wearing the same blazer and actually it has something like a school logo on the left chest, and it's pink, so it's a little bit girly. But yeah, you got the general idea of their 1st outfit.

NU'EST FACE 2nd Outfit

Now onto the second outfit. The second one are slightly more casual and colourful. You can see on the picture above. Baekho there, on the center of the formation, wearing a couple of differents bracelets and black gloves. JR on the left still got the same gloves and silver chain. Minhyun is between them. And in the right side there's Aron. And last but not least, oh yeah, wearing a pink sleeveless shirt, is Ren.

NU'EST Ren Outfit

My favorite member and always always be my bias from NU'EST is Ren. You can't see his face on the picture above but the outfit is clearly a lot more colourful and eye catching then the other members that I mentioned before. He got a pink shirt and layer it with sort of dalmation pattern on top. He's also got a black bracelet, I guess? I'm not sure what it is. And also metalic ring on the left hand.

2nd Outfit

Still discussing about Ren, I guess he wears a leggings, ladies and gentlemen! And he's also wearing a pink chain! How cute.. JR, my second favorite member is wearing a sort of pink tiger pattern, I should say. And the rest of three members, in my opinion it's just a normal sort of cool outfit with black as the dominant colour.


So, that's all the things about kpop fashion, in thsis case NU'EST fashion that I will throw out to you today. If you guys have an idea on which group's outfit I should blog about next, please leave it in the comment section to telling me. And I'll try to write about them. Till next time, bye bye.

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Image courtesy of LOEN Music Official YouTube Channel (I captured them myself)

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