Makeup Application Tips - My Favourites

My HG Makeup Application Tips.

Every person has their own favorites makeup application tips. For me, most of the time I found myself enjoy applying tips from YouTube beauty guru. Especially gossmakeupartist, because he inspires me so much and always gave loads of wonderful tips on makeup application. So, without further do here's my favorites.

Before I know this tips, I always do loads of coats of mascara to make my eyelashes appear longer and more volumized. But, now I know that I can't do that. Too much mascara tends to gives you panda eyes. And nobody wants panda eyes. So what I do is I only apply mascara from the roots of my eyelashes and stop in the middle. I never bring the brush head to the tip of my eyelashes. This way, my mascara will not smudge everywhere.

The latest tips that posted by gossmakeupartist is how you can apply your eyeliner from an eyelash curler. You can watch his video here. It's a pretty cool trick to make a perfectly shape eyeliner. To do that, you can simply draw a line in the upper part of your eyelash curler with eyeliner pencil, kohl, or gel (whichever you like). Then, press the eyelash curler to your eyes like always for about 30 seconds. You can curl all the way when doing it. Lift the eyelash curler and voila! your eyeliner is pretty much done.

If you have oily skin or oily T-zone, this tips will be very helpful for you. To prevent foundation to disappear on oily part, tear apart a tissue and press it onto your skin right after you applied your foundation. This will absorb the excess product and excess oil so your foundation will look a lot more flawless and also more long lasting.

Those are quick and easy makeup application tips that I found myself always done. Hope it help you someway.

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